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JUNE, 2014


Learn about the Oshkosh InStep4Life Challenge, how to accumulate the most points, win awards and volunteer. 
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06/24/2014 - LET'S MOVE DAY WEBINAR at 8pm EST

Get your team and church ready for the 2014 Let's Move Day happening on September 21.
Ask your questions live and learn how to report your miles and win awards.

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8/13/2014-8/15/2014; Oshkosh InStep4Life 3-Day Challenge

Sign up your club for the Oshkosh Instep4Life 3-Day Pathfinder Challenge. Starting on April 15th, pathfinders and club staff competing for their club must register. First 1000 registrants will receive free giveaways each day they complete the challenge (limit of 2000 pathfinders total per day max). Club registration deadline is May 31, 2014.

DAY 1 - Wednesday August 13, 2014- 5K Run/Walk
The 5k run/walk event is the first of the three InStep4Life 3-Day Challenge events offered to you by Health Ministries at the North American Division. We welcome you all to Day #1 of this wonderful event, and hope that you will participate with a happy heart. Each participant will count 1 point towards their club, regardless of winning. Both pathfinder members and club staff can participate and win points for their club.

DAY 2 - Thursday, August 14, 2014 - Booth-Camp Challenge
Participants will test their muscular strength and endurance, and take part in three exercise challenges on Day #2. These challenges include the maximum number of push-ups, sit-ups, and burpies per minute. Each club must choose 1 person to represent them in each challenge (male or female). Each participation will count 1 point towards their club. This event is great for verbal encouragement, so do not be shy to cheer on your favorite individuals and teams! Winners will gain extra points. Only pathfinders can participate representing their clubs and win points for their club.

DAY 3 - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 1 Mile Run
On Day #3 you will be participating in a 1 mile race. Each team can have as many people participating. Again, each participant will gain 1 point towards their club. See below for awards for participants and clubs. Both pathfinder members and club staff can participate and win points for their club.

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